Sunday 21st of July 2024

Welcome to the CodeHosting web site

We offer design and hosting for your web site. The difference between us and the millions of others who offer this service is that we provide a complete system. Everything you need to get up and running in a package that is easy to understand.

Latest News:

The CodeHosting team are currently working on some great new projects.

I cannot say too much at the moment but one of the bigger projects will change the way people work with shopping carts and ordering systems.

This will be a big step forward for the customers and more importantly it will make your life easier if you are thinking of starting an on-line shop

Another project that is in the pipeline at the moment will introduce a new type of photo album for your kids photos. This one is in the beta test phase at the moment so news will be appearing on here pretty soon...


If you need more info or would like to contact us then you can always reach us at